Dreaming of a stunning new smile without drilling on your teeth? DURAthin veneers may be the perfect answer for you!

Dreaming of a stunning new white smile? A smile that's brighter, broader, and more youthful? But you're not crazy about drilling on your healthy teeth? We may have the answer just for you! DURAthin veneers may be the answer to all of your dreams for that amazing smile you thought you might never have! DURAthin veneers are custom designed to adhere directly to the front of your teeth without removing any enamel!

Just like traditional veneers, DURAthin veneers are a custom-made layer of porcelain designed to change teeth and enhance smiles. The difference is that with these prepless veneers, none of your natural enamel is removed. If you have small or worn teeth, or maybe just want to increase width of a narrow smile, DURAthin veneers may be an excellent and very conservative choice to enhance the beauty of your natural smile.

DURAthin veneers mean that some people can have the smile of their dreams without any drilling on their natural teeth! We have found most teens with less than satisfactory smiles are excellent candidates for the conservative DURAthin veneers. Call us today to set up a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION and see if you are a candidate for the amazing DURAthin veneers. Honoring our commitment to excellence in cosmetic dentistry, and because we understand the importance of offeing our patients beautiful and conservative ways to transform their smiles, we are happy to say that Dr. John Rowe is the only provider of DURAthin veneers in the northeast Arkansas area.